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Administration and Office Staff

Mr. Eddie Riley

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Dr. Mitri Ghareeb

Dir. of Athletics & Development
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Joe Rogers

Assistant Athletic Director
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Betty Keller

Executive Secretary
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Debbie Cumberledge

School Receptionist
Contact Mrs. Cumberledge

Milissa Riley

Development Secretary / Clerk
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Tina Griffith

Contact Mrs. Griffith

Barbara Stone

Guidance Counselor
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Chuck Klennert

Maintenance Supervisor
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Margie McCale

Lunchroom Supervisor
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Elementary Teachers

Crystal Reynolds

Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Mrs. Reynolds

Marty Walker

First Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Walker

Brittany Slater

Second Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Slater

Shelley Rawlings

Third Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Rawlings

Libby Shamblin

Fourth Grade Teacher
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Naomi Hanna

Fifth Grade Teacher
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Heather Horan

Kindergarten Aide
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Middle School and Senior High Teachers

Laura Humphreys

Honors Math,  PE/Health, Sixth Grade Homeroom
Contact Mrs. Humphreys

Scott Phillips

Honors History, Dean of Men, Senior Class Homeroom
Contact Mr. Phillips

Lisa Phillips

English,Seventh Grade Homeroom
Contact Mrs. Phillips

Daad Hourani

AP and Honors Math
Contact Mrs. Hourani

Mike Cumberledge

Science, Junior Class Homeroom
Contact Mr. Cumberledge

Sandy Kendrick

Contact Mrs. Kendrick

Lauren Monk

AP Science, Dean of Women, Sophomore Class Homeroom
Contact Mrs. Monk

John Koster

Science, Accounting, Eigth Grade Homeroom
Contact Mr. Koster

David VanHorn

Computer, Bible
Contact Mr. VanHorn

Joe Acevedo

Honors Math, Spanish 1, Spanish II, Ninth Grade Homeroom
Contact Mr. Acevedo

Dr. Alan French

Music, Choirs
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Chad Lovejoy

Middle School Boys PE, Health
Contact Mr. Lovejoy

Rhonda Witmer

Middle  School Girls PE, Health, Art,  Bible, Yearbook Editor
Contact Mrs. Witmer

Robert Opperman

Contact Mr. Opperman

Betty Jarvis

English, Creative Writing
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Cross Lanes Bible Church

Dr. Dave Buckley

Senior Pastor

Mark Boyd

Assistant Pastor
Contact Mr. Boyd

Rae Lanham

Financial Secretary
Contact Mrs. Lanham

Vicki Webb

Church Secretary
Contact Mrs. Webb

Cheryl Boyd

Director of Preschool
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